Take the BMI test and know your Waist Circumference to determine your excess fat.

Mariel BMI
Knowing your BMI is not enough. At Marie France, we measure not just your BMI but we also get your Waist Circumference. By measuring the Waist Circumference, you can check the excess fat deposition in the abdomen that usually connotes a high Visceral Fat volume that increase risks for developing Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases.
We check your body fat percentage, ideal weight, and waist circumference to determine your excess fat and identify your (HRF) Health Risk Factor. We further analyze your results along with your fat versus muscles with the use of our Body Composition Analyzer.
BMI (Body Mass Index) only helps you classify whether you are underweight, at normal range, overweight, obese 1, or obese 2. A high BMI doesn’t automatically mean that you have a high body fat percentage and a low BMI doesn’t automatically mean that you have a low body fat percentage. In “Very Muscular” individuals, they may weigh heavy because of their muscles to the point of being morbidly obese but they may actually lack body fat. Similarly, in “Hidden Obese” individuals, they may have very scanty muscles making them light weight and even undernourished but they may actually have excessive fat all over, both visceral and subcutaneous fat.
Get your BMI and check your Waist Circumference to identify your Health Risk Factor! Visit us at Marie France and let our Slimming Consultants guide you. Based on your test results, we will create a personalized non-invasive slimming and shaping program for you.

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