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Effective Weight Loss Programs for Health and Fitness

When you choose Marie France, you choose weight loss that works – without the hunger, surgery, and risks. Reach your slimming goals and achieve better health with our highly successful weight loss programs that are tailored to suit your unique concerns, and with our team of experienced slimming experts who are committed to guide you through non-surgical weight loss that’s proven effective, safe, and sustainable.

With more than 35 years of weight management experience, Marie France has been at the forefront of all things slimming. Our extensive research on slimming methods has led us to the best weight loss procedures, including Fat Mobilization System (FMS). It induces the body to generate heat energy and burn fat via a process called thermogenesis. Its superior version, the FMS Elite stimulates the conversion of regular (white) fat which adds bulk to the body, into brown fat which actively burns calories.

Lose the pounds and keep them off, and live your life confident and empowered, when you choose weight loss that works. Start your Marie France program today.

Achieve Weight Loss Success with Marie France

You’ve probably tried to lose weight before but it didn’t bring you the lasting results you wanted. Here’s how Marie France’s weight loss clinic will help you succeed this time and for good.
Medically Supervised
Our in-house doctors will assess you, your medical history, your body fat analysis and test results to ensure your weight loss program is healthy and personalized to fit your goals and needs.
Nutritional Counselling
Our Nutritionists will guide you on healthier eating behaviors and making smarter choices on what you eat and drink. We will also help you address concerns such as stress eating and emotional eating.
Advanced Technology
We go beyond the scales with technology that helps you burn fat fast. With FMS Elite and Physique Inch-Loss or our Plasti-Dermi Fat Pulverizer, it’ll feel like burning calories at the gym but minus the sweat, pain, and hassle.
Support System
Stay on track with the support of our team of slimming experts. Our consultants will also coach you on how to monitor your weight loss progress and steer your focus on your goals.
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Why Choose Marie France?

Marie France is the pioneer of non-invasive, non-surgical slimming in the Philippines. As the trusted weight loss clinic in the country for more than 35 years, we have more extensive years of experience compared to the other clinics. We identify the real cause of your weight issues and provide proven effective treatments to help you achieve your body goals. We are familiar with the many underlying conditions contributing to weight gain that can easily go unnoticed and can provide more insights on how to address your unique problem using science-based solutions. You are assured of real, sustainable weight loss results. Learn more about our treatment rates and packages. Call 8894-BODY (2639) or text/Viber/WhatsApp 0917-5262573. uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience while browsing the site. By continued use, you accept our use of such cookies and you agree to our policy.