Effortless Body Contouring With Endermologie+ Liposculpting Treatment

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What Endermologie+ can do for you

If it’s an effortless body contouring treatment that you want, then Endermologie+ is what you should get. Powered by advanced LipoMassage™ slimming technology, our Endermologie+ treatment uses a small handheld tool to apply pressure and gently massage areas with cellulite. It uses a combination of rolling, suction, and pulsating motions to stimulate the fat locked within the deep tissue.  As the tissue loosens in the treatment area, pockets of fat slowly break apart, leaving you with tighter and smoother skin. And because Endermologie+ also revitalizes the lymphatic system, the released fat is then easily eliminated through the body’s natural processes.

Many patients undergo Endermologie+ as a cellulite treatment for the thighs and buttocks. During your treatment, you’ll be asked to wear a bodysuit that prevents the lipomassage tool from touching your skin directly.

Endermologie+ helps you:

Endermologie+ benefits include fat loss, intense cellulite smoothening, and maximum body resculpting. Results are noticeable after a series of sessions.


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