Achieve Total Body Evolution with this Next Level Synergy of RF and EMS
Already lost a lot of weight but still have some stubborn bulgy fat? Or perhaps there are flabby, undefined areas that just won’t budge even with diets and workouts? Or maybe you just want some toning and definition in your body contours? Hit all three concerns with the total body contouring benefits of the new EvolveX.

It is the first system in the world to utilize the synergy of bi-polar radio frequency and electrical muscle stimulation in an innovative hands-free machine. This unique combination allows the new EvolveX to deliver fat reduction, skin tightening, muscle toning, and total body contouring in one.

What EvolveX Can Do For You

EvolveX has two advanced applications: Evolve Tite for skin tightening and cellulite reduction, and Evolve Transform for fat reduction and muscle toning.

For the body contouring, muscle toning, and curve redefining that you want, Evolve Transform is for you. It is a synergy of high voltage bi-polar radio frequency and continuous muscle activation via electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). It delivers 3-dimensional body transformation as it works on the skin, fat, and muscles.

It distributes a high voltage of radio frequency energy, delivering volumetric heating deep into the skin to trigger selective hyperthermia (elevated core temperature) and electroporation. These then bore “holes” into fat cell membranes, causing irreversible damage that eventually kills the fat cells and leads to fat reduction.

At the same time, electrical impulses are transmitted to the muscles through EMS, inducing muscle contractions that go beyond what you can do on your own during workouts. This gives you superior muscle building, strengthening, and toning.

The Edge of EvolveX for Body Contouring

What makes EvolveX a cut above the rest is its unique synergy of bi-polar radio frequency and EMS that kills fat cells, tightens the skin, tones muscles, and reshapes the body. All of that in a totally hands-free platform that is powered by artificial intelligence.

EvolveX has controlled, precise, and consistent delivery of the optimum temperature on each target area, maximizing its body contouring benefits each time.

What to expect from EvolveX

This advanced body contouring treatment utilizes a multi-platform system that can treat your stubborn problem areas with bulgy fat, like:
When you sign up for the EvolveX program, a combination of Evolve Tite and Evolve Transform, a session will take 50 minutes per target area. If you want to focus on body contouring and muscle toning, then Evolve Transform may be recommended to you. Each session will take only 40 minutes.
Because of its powerful synergy of high voltage bi-polar radio frequency and electrical muscle stimulation, all you need to do is lie down and let EvolveX do all the hard work. No pain, no downtime, go back to your regular activities right after your treatment session!

Are you an ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph, or a combination? No matter what your body type is, EvolveX can treat you. To find out your body type, book a FREE consultation today by filling up our form below!

Mesomorphs tend to have a medium frame, with a rectangular body shape and an upright posture. They have more muscle than fat on their bodies. For areas that may have some skin laxity, EvolveX will help for effective skin tightening.

Ectomorphs tend to have a small frame, with little body fat and little muscle mass. To give their figure some definition, EvolveX is great for muscle toning and body contouring.

Endomorphs tend to have high body fat and less muscle and may put on pounds more easily. EvolveX is a must-have for fat reduction with its fat cell-destroying benefits.

Transform your body the EvolveX way! Message us to find out more or to ask about our body contouring pricing in the Philippines.


Frequently Asked Questions

EvolveX is for those who want to achieve body contouring, especially if they are struggling with stubborn problem areas with clingy, bulgy fat that just won’t budge. It is also good for those with cellulite and skin laxity issues.
This will vary per client, depending on your current weight, specific concerns, and body goal.
We’d love to discuss this with you! It varies depending on the number of sessions you will need to achieve your body contouring goals. We invite you to book a FREE consultation with one of our Figure Consultants today. Fill up our form below!
Not at all. EvolveX is proven safe and pain-free. This breakthrough body contouring treatment is often described to feel like a warm massage by most clients who have tried it.
There is no downtime. After the session, you may notice some redness on the treated areas but this will fade in a few hours. You can resume your normal activities immediately after.

For a tighter, redefined, more toned figure, ask about the new EvolveX body contouring treatment now!


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