Effective Fat Reduction for Total Body Evolution

Frustrated with all the one-size-fits-all routines and treatments for fat reduction in the Philippines? We hear you. Everybody is on very unique slimming journeys. You may want to lose those extra pounds, or you’re happy with your weight but want to address clingy, bulgy fat in problem areas, or you need help with saggy, lax skin after your pregnancies.

While many fat reduction clinics will just hand you a menu of their treatments and promos, here at Marie France we offer you weight loss that works for whatever slimming journey you’re on. And we bring you the most groundbreaking technologies and techniques, like the new EvolveX total body evolution system.

EvolveX is taking fat reduction in the Philippines to the next level with a breakthrough multi-platform system that uses innovative hands-free technology. That means a synergistic layering of  multiple clinically proven technologies in one system. EvolveX delivers effective fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle toning in one go!

What EvolveX Can Do For You

EvolveX consists of two applications: Evolve Tite and Evolve Transform. If it’s effective fat reduction that you want, then EvolveX’s advanced application Evolve Transform is for you. It’s proven to target those persistent pockets of fat and undefined contours. 

Some fat reduction programs in the Philippines target only the excess pounds but leave you with loose skin and a shapeless figure. If you want a treatment with powerful multi-tasking skills like yours, that can only be Evolve Transform.

It uses a combination of high voltage bi-polar radio frequency with continuous muscle activation via electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), allowing it to work on the skin, fat, and muscles. That’s 3-dimensional body transformation! 

It distributes a high voltage of radio frequency energy, delivering deep heat into the skin to induce selective hyperthermia (elevated core temperature). This loosens the fat cell membrane’s structure, making it more permeable. 

Then it simultaneously transmits electrical impulses through EMS, causing electroporation on fat cells. This simply means that the heat plus the strong electrical fields cause damage on the fat cell membrane. This is effective for fat reduction because it leads to apoptosis or fat cell death.

The heat also triggers the production of collagen, resulting in skin tightening and remodeling. And then EMS induces muscle contractions, building and strengthening muscles beyond what workouts alone can achieve.


What Sets EvolveX Apart

You see so many RF treatments for weight loss everywhere today. Maybe you’ve even tried some that left you with unsatisfactory results. So what makes EvolveX a cut above the rest? 

Apart from the unique and powerful combination of high voltage bi-polar radio frequency and continuous muscle activation through EMS, EvolveX has the edge over other RF treatments because it is a totally hands-free platform. 

Powered by artificial intelligence, it maintains the preset temperature, intensity, and duration on its own, significantly reducing contact with a therapist while ensuring that the heat delivery is consistent across the treatment area all throughout the session. This is why it is quickly becoming a powerhouse for effective fat reduction and body shaping in the Philippines.

What to expect from EvolveX

As a total body contouring platform, EvolveX works because of the synergy of its proven effective technologies that give you:
Because of the powerful synergy of high voltage bi-polar radio frequency and electrical muscle stimulation, many started noticing a visible difference in their problem areas just a few sessions into their EvolveX fat reduction program. Want to know how many sessions you will need for your particular concerns? Talk to one of our figure consultants today. Fill up our form below!

EvolveX can treat all body types, whether you are an ectomorph, endomorph, mesomorph, or a combination of these. Curious to know which body type you have? Book a FREE consultation today by filling up our form below!

But here is a quick peek at the three main body types: You are an ectomorph if you have a lean build with little body fat and little muscle. You may want some toning and strengthening for your muscles, which EvolveX can definitely help you with.

You are an endomorph if you have a wider build, more body fat, and tend to gain weight easily. EvolveX is a good go-to treatment for effective fat reduction because it is proven to trigger fat cell death.

You are a mesomorph if you have an athletic build and tend to have more muscle than fat. You may notice some areas where you have lax, flabby skin. EvolveX is great for getting the skin tightening that you want.

One treatment session of EvolveX, which combines both Evolve Tite and Evolve Transform, takes only 50 minutes per target area. 

But your fat reduction program can be customized to fit your specific needs. If you are more concerned about skin tightening and cellulite reduction, then Evolve Tite may be recommended to you. One session of Evolve Tite is just 30 minutes. If you want body contouring and toning, then Evolve Transform may be recommended to you. One session of Evolve Transform takes only 40 minutes.

Because EvolveX is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, each session is comfortable and pain-free. 

Ready for a total body transformation? Message us to find out more about EvovleX or ask about our fat reduction rates.


Frequently Asked Questions

EvolveX will work best for someone with stubborn problem areas where it is hard to lose excess fat. It is also good for those struggling with cellulite and skin laxity.
Not long at all! Sessions are quick and stress-free. One fat reduction session of Evolve Transform is just 40 minutes. But for those who are interested in availing the EvolveX package, which combines Evolve Transform for fat reduction plus Evolve Tite for skin tightening, the entire session will take 50 minutes.

This will vary per client, depending on your current weight, specific concerns, and body goal.

This will depend on how many sessions you will need to address your particular problem areas and achieve the results you seek. It is best to talk to one of our Figure Consultants via a FREE one-on-one consultation to find out the best treatment plan for you. Message us today!

It is pain-free! EvolveX is a proven safe and effective fat reduction treatment. Most clients who have tried it liken it to a warm massage.
There is no downtime. There may be redness on the treated areas right after the session, but this will fade in a few hours. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after.

Effective fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle toning in minutes! Achieve the body you want with the new EvolveX.


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