Taking Skin Tightening in the Philippines to the Next Level
At Marie France, we understand that achieving your body goal is not a simple matter of just losing the excess pounds. You also want to get back your firmer, tighter, cellulite-free skin. That’s why we are consistently introducing the most groundbreaking technologies and techniques, like the new EvolveX total body sculpting system.

EvolveX is the breakthrough multi-platform treatment that is redefining the future of non-invasive body shaping in the country. Combining bi-polar radio frequency and continuous muscle activation in an innovative hands-free machine, EvolveX can deliver effective skin tightening, fat reduction, and muscle toning all in one ultramodern system.

What EvolveX Can Do For You

The EvolveX system has two advanced applications: Evolve Tite and Evolve Transform. If you’re looking for superior skin tightening in the Philippines, then you’ve got to go for Evolve Tite. Whether it’s loose skin after weight loss, post-natal skin sagging or some sags and droops in diet- and workout-resistant problem areas, or you’re noticing your skin getting more and more lax through the years, the new Evolve Tite delivers.

This advanced skin tightening procedure utilizes bi-polar radio frequency with smart temperature sensors, delivering bulk heating evenly and safely on the problem area each time to ensure consistent results for tissue remodeling, skin tightening, and circumferential reduction.

These sensors are programmed to maintain therapeutic skin contraction temperatures, enabling it to boost the underlying neocollagenesis (formation of new collagen) and to maximize the skin tightening results.


Why Choose EvolveX for Skin Tightening in the Philippines

Unlike other treatments for skin tightening in the Philippines, EvolveX’s advanced application Evolve Tite reaches deep into the fibroseptal network. This is the network of fibrous bands that give the skin structure and support. Targeting this enables Evolve Tite to deliver skin tightening results that go beyond what other treatments can offer.

What makes EvolveX the superior skin tightening procedure, is it is a totally hands-free platform. Its smart RF thermistors maintain therapeutic skin contraction temperatures. It reaches the optimal skin tightening temperature and keeps it there throughout each session, so you know that the target area is being treated evenly and uniformly each time. This ensures that collagen production and tissue remodeling are boosted on the inside, while skin is firmed, tightened, and smoothened on the outside.

What to expect from EvolveX

This advanced multi-platform system is proven to give you effective skin tightening and circumferential reduction on problem areas like:
The Evolve Tite’s 8 hands-free applicators tighten saggy skin and smoothen lumpy cellulite by transmitting bi-polar radio frequency energy into the skin’s subdermal layers. This allows the collagen remodeling process to occur, which then results in effective skin tightening.

Whether you’re an ectomorph, an endomorph, a mesomorph, or any combination of these three main somatotypes, EvolveX can help you achieve the results you seek. To find out which body type you have, book a FREE consultation by filling up the form below!

To give you an idea, you are an ectomorph if you have a lean build with little body fat and little muscle. EvolveX can help you build, strengthen, and tone those muscles.

You are an endomorph if you have a wider build, more body fat, and tend to gain weight easily. EvolveX is proven effective for targeting clingy fat in hard-to-treat problem areas.

And you are a mesomorph if you have a solid, athletic build. You most likely have more muscle than fat, but if you notice some areas where you have lax, flabby skin, then EvolveX can definitely help you with skin tightening.

One treatment session of EvolveX, which combines both Evolve Tite and Evolve Transform, takes only 50 minutes per target area. But if your main concern is loose, saggy skin and orange-peel cellulite, then you may be recommended the Evolve Tite for effective skin tightening, which takes only 30 minutes per session. No worries about pain or discomfort because these treatments are pain-free. You may only feel a warm sensation during the session. Then afterwards, no downtime required.

Want to know more about Evolve Tite or ask about our skin tightening procedure price? Message us! We’d love to talk to you about helping you get your tight, toned, sculpted body back.


Frequently Asked Questions

EvolveX is best for someone with stubborn pockets of fat in hard-to-treat problem areas, loose, saggy skin, and ripply cellulite.
This will vary per client, depending on your current condition and specific problem area. It is best to talk to one of our figure consultants by booking a FREE consultation today!
This will depend on how many sessions you will need to achieve the results you seek. We would love to talk to you more about addressing your particular problem areas and discuss our skin tightening pricing with you. Book a FREE consultation by filling up the form below!
Not at all! EvolveX is pain-free. Most clients who have tried it liken it to a warm massage. There may be redness on the treated areas right after the session, but this will fade in a few hours. Normal activities can be resumed immediately after.

Our Range of Skin Tightening Treatments

tripollar skin tightening procedure on abdomen and stomach


TriPollar is an in-demand contouring and skin tightening solution for the tummy, arms, and thighs. It uses tri-polar radio frequency energy to heat fat cells, inducing them to release fat for easy burning. Get immediate skin tightening after your treatment, with results improving after every session.

skin tightening services marie france

Thermo Magnetic Pulse

This treatment offers more than just skin tightening. It delivers four benefits in one powerful application. It is proven effective for non-surgical fat reduction, body contouring, skin tightening, and cellulite reduction. It breaks down fat cells, delivers inch-loss, and promotes collagen and elastin production to tighten and smoothen.

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Physique Inch-Loss

Physique Inch-Loss firms and tightens the tummy and thighs via Trans Epidermal Nerve Stimulation. It gives you the effect of 225 sit-ups in one 15-minute session while you’re just comfortably lying down. Proven effective in building, toning, and strengthening muscles in the abdomen, flanks, and back.

For superior skin tightening, ask us about the breakthrough EvolveX system today!


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