Safe and Proven Effective
Fat Reduction Treatment


Before and after non invasive fat removal procedures

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction by the Country’s Slimming Experts

Do you find that no matter how much you diet and exercise, you still retain stubborn pockets of fat in your body? Target those areas of concern with a fat reduction treatment.

When it comes to spot fat reduction and fat loss in the Philippines, there is only one place to go: Marie France. We offer the most advanced spot fat reduction treatments to reduce excess fat and recontour your body shape.

As the country’s most trusted fat reduction clinic, we have helped thousands of clients lose weight and reshape their figures with our non-surgical fat reduction services. Achieve your body goal effortlessly and healthily with our powerful, proven effective treatments and a team of experienced slimming experts guiding you to success every step of the way. Change your body and your life today with a non-invasive fat reduction program at Marie France!

The Benefits of Marie France’s Fat Reduction Treatment

Are diets and workouts not enough? If you’re fed up with unwanted fat that won’t simply go away, our fat reduction treatments are for you. Here’s how Marie France’s fat reduction program can help you achieve your body goal minus the stress and the hunger:

Safely Eliminate Fat

Most fat reduction procedures require risky surgery to target those fatty zones, leaving you with irregularities, fluid development under the skin, a lengthy, painful recovery period, and other costly side effects. You won’t experience any harmful side effects at our fat reduction clinic.

Non-Invasive and Pain-Free

Why risk going under the knife? Marie France offers the most proven effective non-invasive treatments for fat reduction in the Philippines. Using the latest innovations in slimming and body contouring, including laser technology, there will be no cuts, no pain, no scars, and no regrets!

Zero Downtime

You have a full schedule at work, errands to run, and a family to spend time with. We understand this, which is why our fat reduction services have zero recovery time. You’re free to continue your daily activities right after the treatment session.

Reveals Better Skin

A hidden benefit of non-invasive fat reduction treatments is that it leaves you with better-looking skin compared to surgical procedures. Those can leave you with unwanted stretch marks or saggy skin due to a large amount of fat loss in a single session. On the other hand, our fat reduction treatment uses radio frequency to tighten the skin as it slims you down. 

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