Build the Abs of Your Dreams with the
Tesla Ab Sculpting Treatment

The Tesla Body Former is the perfect non-surgical ab sculpting treatment to build muscle, reduce fat, and help you achieve toned abs. Schedule a session today with Marie France.

Tesla Body Former for Abs Muscle Toning and Sculpting

Targeting your core is a terrific way to enhance the appearance of your abdominal muscles but there’s a limit to the results that you can achieve on your own with crunches and sit-ups.

If you can’t get the results you’re looking for despite your diet and workout routine, the Tesla ab sculpting treatment has you covered. It gives you the fat-burning and body-sculpting effects of 50,000 crunches — all without breaking a sweat! Its non-surgical ab sculpting technology reaches deep into your abdominal muscles to tone and firm beyond the level possible through exercise alone. The best part? This happens while you’re comfortably lying down.

That’s the power of the Tesla Body Former, a revolutionary non-invasive muscle toning treatment now available at Marie France. Make it your go-to fat-reducing and body sculpting solution to achieve the abs of your dreams. Book a free consultation today by filling up our form here or by calling 8894-BODY.

Ab Sculpting Powered by Functional Magnetic Stimulation

The Tesla Body Former is a non-surgical ab sculpting treatment that utilizes medical-grade Functional Magnetic Stimulation. A focused, magnetic field penetrates the muscles of the target area and activates its motor neurons.

Each magnetic pulse triggers supramaximal contractions deep within the muscles, resulting in the equivalent effect of 50,000 crunches in 30 minutes. The abs muscle toning treatment then helps you firm and strengthen your inner core while you’re comfortably lying down.

To achieve your dream abs, the Tesla Body Former helps you:

  • Burn fat quicker than a 30-minute workout
  • Grow muscle mass without getting too bulky
  • Increase muscle definition in your abs
  • Accelerate lymph flow
  • Improve microcirculation

This revolutionary non-surgical ab sculpting treatment delivers the combined benefits of fat burning, body contouring, and muscle building in one powerful system. And you don’t even have to lift a finger. It’s ab sculpting power like you’ve never seen before.

Experience the fat-burning and body-contouring power of this non-surgical ab sculpting treatment, only here at
Marie France.

Benefits of Tesla Body Former Non-Surgical Ab Sculpting

Better, faster results vs exercise
While your regular workout lets you contract muscles up to 40% of their maximum potential, the Tesla ab sculpting treatment goes beyond that. Its Functional Magnetic Stimulation technology allows you to directly contract the muscle up to 100% of its maximum potential, simulating the effect of 50,000 crunches in a single 30-minute session.
Start seeing improvements in as little as 2 weeks
Thanks to the Tesla Body Former's advanced technology, you can start seeing and feeling the difference in as little as 2 weeks from your last session. You will continue to see improvements in the following 2 to 6 weeks. The more active and healthier your lifestyle, the quicker and better your results.
Quick and fuss-free
A single session only takes 30 minutes per targeted area. The total number of sessions you'll need will depend on your body goal and current body shape. As the Tesla Body Former is a non-surgical ab sculpting treatment, there is no downtime and no need for any pre- or post-treatment procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tesla Former Body toning treatment feels like a localized, high intensity workout. It triggers continuous muscle contractions, more than what you experience during exercise.

This non-surgical ab sculpting treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to gain more muscle definition without bulking up. It’s great as an abs muscle toning supplement to regular workouts and for targeting hard-to-reach areas in the body. It’s especially ideal for those who can’t do regular exercise due to time and energy constraints.

The price varies depending on the areas you want to target and the number of sessions you’ll need to achieve your desired results. It will also depend on your body type, eating habits, lifestyle, and body goals. Talk to one of Marie France’s consultants today and they can advise whether Tesla Body Former is suitable for you and if it is, how many sessions you’ll need.

While this non-surgical ab sculpting treatment is 100% safe, some may experience muscle soreness right after the session which will subside in a few hours. But most of our clients report very mild to no soreness at all.

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