Tesla Thigh Sculpting Treatment for Leaner, Firmer Thighs

The Tesla Body Former is the proven effective non-invasive thigh sculpting treatment to reduce  stubborn fat in the inner and outer thigh areas. Find out how you can sculpt slimmer, shapelier thighs with the Tesla Body Former at Marie France.

Thigh Muscle Toning Treatment - Reshape Minus the Lunges

Are your diets and workouts not giving you the results you want for your thighs? Get rid of stubborn thigh fat effortlessly with the Tesla Body Former, a revolutionary thigh sculpting treatment available at Marie France.

This breakthrough body toning treatment will help you burn excess fat and create a slimmer, firmer thigh contour. It delivers the combined benefits of body contouring, fat burning, and muscle building in one powerful system. The Tesla Body Former reaches deep into your thigh muscles to lift, tone, and firm them beyond the level possible through exercise alone. A single 30-minute session gives you the fat-burning and body-sculpting effects of 50,000 lunges. And all you have to do is lie down while it does all the work for you!

That’s the power of the new Tesla Body Former thigh muscle toning and sculpting treatment. Want to book a consultation? Fill up our form here or call 8894-BODY.

A Thigh Sculpting Treatment Powered by Functional Magnetic Stimulation

The Tesla Body Former is a non-invasive thigh sculpting treatment that utilizes medical-grade Functional Magnetic Stimulation. Delivering focused magnetic energy into the targeted area, it activates motor neurons to trigger supramaximal contractions deep within the muscles.

This gives the same effects of doing 50,000 lunges in just 30 minutes. This thigh muscle toning treatment helps strengthen and firm your thighs while you’re at rest.

All in all, the Tesla Body Former helps you:

  • Burn fat quicker than a 30-minute workout
  • Grow muscle mass minus too much bulk
  • Increase muscle definition in your thighs
  • Accelerate lymph flow
  • Improve microcirculation

The Tesla Body Former is a non-invasive thigh sculpting treatment that goes beyond what a high-intensity workout can do for you. If you want to see quicker, more visible results, call Marie France now.

Effortlessly burn excess thigh fat with our thigh sculpting treatment. Try the Tesla Body Former today!

Benefits of Tesla Body Former
Thigh Muscle Toning Treatment

Amazing results vs exercise
Normal exercise only allows you to contract the muscles in your thighs up to 40% of their maximum potential. With the new Tesla Body Former, you can go beyond that and simulate the effects of 50,000 lunges in just 30 minutes.
Start seeing improvements in 2 weeks
Due to Tesla's breakthrough technology, you will start seeing and feeling improvements in as little as 2 weeks from your last thigh muscle toning session. The results will continuously improve in the next 2 to 6 weeks. You will also see better and faster results if you lead a healthy and active lifestyle.
No post-workout body pain
This non-invasive thigh muscle sculpting treatment simulates the effects of strong and deep contractions, much like a workout. But these contractions come in phases, with each phase ending in a relaxation mode. While you may notice some tenderness in your muscles the following day, you will not feel pain as metabolic wastes like lactic acid will be flushed out from your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Tesla Former Body thigh muscle toning treatment feels like a localized, high intensity workout. It triggers continuous muscle contractions, more than what you experience during exercise.

The price varies depending on the areas you want to target and the number of sessions you’ll need to achieve your desired results. It will also depend on your body type, eating habits, lifestyle, and body goals. Talk to one of Marie France’s consultants today and they can advise whether Tesla Body Former is suitable for you and if it is, how many sessions you’ll need.

This non-invasive thigh sculpting treatment is 100% safe and most of our clients report little to no soreness at all post-treatment. If you do experience some muscle soreness, you can expect it to subside after a few hours.

The Tesla Body Former is a non-invasive thigh muscle toning treatment that is proven safe and requires no downtime. No need for any pre- or post-treatment procedures.

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