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Danica Sotto-Pingris: Rediscovering Confidence and Well-Being with Marie France 

When actress, TV host, and mom of three Danica Sotto-Pingris began her wellness journey with weight loss clinic Marie France, little did she know the transformative impact it would have not just on her body, but also on her mind and overall well-being.

“If you watch my first video in Marie France before I started treatments, you’ll see a mom who’s proud of what her body went through.” But she also knew that at 40 with baby #3, she needed an extra boost to be healthy, strong, and at her best for her family.

From embracing motherhood to reclaiming her body, Danica’s story is one of patience, self-appreciation, and unwavering dedication.

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A Message of Self-Appreciation for Moms

Her journey has taught her the importance of “appreciating her season,” something that she wants other women to learn, too. “Enjoy the journey and appreciate your season. What’s your season, ba? Baka naman kasi you just gave birth and you’re rushing your body to be something already, na kailangan model.” She trusted in the process, stayed consistent with her treatments, and just kept showing up for herself. And whenever things got challenging, she reminded herself of her “Why.”

With a smile, she remarks, “Bakit ko ba ginagawa ‘to? For myself, for my family. I remember, sinabi ko talaga, when I reach my 40s, I want my children to see somebody who feels and looks good, inside and out.”

Celebrating Achievements and Gratitude

As she reflects on her accomplishments through Marie France’s weight loss solutions, Danica expresses her happiness: “Masaya ako sa na-achieve ko. And I will be forever grateful.” In her 40s, she radiates a sense of fulfillment and contentment, having achieved not just a better body but improved overall well-being.

She hopes that her story will bring hope to her fellow moms, inspire them to take that step towards a positive change, and also serve as a reminder to be kinder to themselves because all good things truly take time.

If you’re tired of dealing with weight struggles, we get it—and we’re here for you. Remember, you’re not alone. Marie France is here to guide, inspire, and celebrate your victories. Your path to a transformed life begins today!

Ready to make a change? Marie France’s proven-effective weight loss programs Philippines is your partner in achieving a happier, healthier you. Let us help you get started on your journey!

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