How Marie France Supports Active Mommas in Achieving their Ideal Body

Moms are some of the strongest beings in existence; they carry a baby for nine months and raise them, manage a household, and support their spouses. But not one mom is built the same as the other. Some moms focus on being stay-at-home mommas, while others balance having steady careers in addition to their responsibilities at home.

With so many roles to fill, sometimes staying fit is the last thing moms prioritize, which makes the journey to finding out how to lose postpartum weight even more challenging over time. Yet there are some active mommas that make it a point to live an active lifestyle.

One such momma is Amanda Griffin-Jacob: a proud mom to four children, an avid yogi, runner, vegetarian, and a multi-talented career woman. Though she is already quite fit, Amanda felt that she needed extra help slimming down her mom tummy and inner thighs after giving birth.

“I like to exercise almost every day, I eat well, but you know after babies and as I get older, those problem areas are getting really, really tough. And no amount of diet and exercise can hit those problem areas,” she says. Which is why she turned to Marie France to guide her on how to lose weight after giving birth and address specific problem areas to achieve her ideal body in the safest way possible.

Amanda Resized

Why Marie France?

It’s because all of our slimming programs are medically supervised. According to Dr. Regie Layug, our doctors help our clients understand what underlying factors are limiting their ability to lose weight. “We doctors are there to answer your ‘whys’ for you,” he says.

In order to get the best results, they work closely with nutritionists and figure consultants to develop a program that helps clients make necessary lifestyle changes to lose the extra pounds, monitor their progress, and ensure that they maintain a healthy weight. That’s what we call the Marie France Slimming Science.

While most people come to Marie France in order to shed excess weight, we also offer treatments that tone muscle, recontour your figure, and tighten skin, which are perfect for moms who do work out, but are unable to do it regularly.

The advantage of practicing an active lifestyle is that it ensures that the treatments bring optimal results. In fact, Dr. Layug believes that Marie France treatments are a great supplement to those who exercise regularly. “The treatments help our clients maintain or even lose excess weight with less need for exercise or vigorous, intensive diets,” he says. “For some people, the results come faster. It’s because of their faster metabolism and the effort they put into their other activities.”

What worked for active mom Amanda

This was the case for Amanda, who says she saw immediate results after just one treatment. In particular, she found that the Thermo Magnetic Pulse (TMP) was the most effective on her problem areas, as this all-in-one treatment helps in fat reduction, tightens loose skin, re-sculpts and redefines curves, and smoothens out cellulite. Other treatments that Amanda has tried are the FMS Elite (Fat Mobilization System), Physique, Endermologie+, TriPollar Tummy, Tesla Body Former, and EvolveX, which have all contributed to her slim and toned body after pregnancy.

It’s important to remember that not all treatments will work the same way for everyone. That’s why it’s best to consult with the slimming experts to create the most effective postnatal weight loss plan for you. “The Marie France slimming science takes note of every factor,” says Dr. Layug. “It’s understanding each and every client’s body and formulating ways to make them lose weight and maintain that weight in the long term.”

Whether you’re just starting out on your slimming journey or are an active mom that lives a healthy lifestyle, Marie France will support you in each step of the way, because we believe that investing in your body is investing in your lifetime.

You can start shaping your future body today by signing up with Marie France.


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