Increase your BROWN FAT to battle weight gain

The body has two main types of fat: white fat and brown fat. White fat is stored energy, which means it adds bulk to your body. Brown fat, on the other hand, is a heat-generating, metabolically active fat cell that uses stored energy in your body to generate heat and regulate your temperature. To do this, it burns calories. There are even studies that found brown fat to be able to burn up to five times more calories than other types of body fat!

With the recent discovery of its presence in the adult body, it has become a buzz word among researchers because of the possibilities it now presents to weight-loss. How do we harness this amazing calorie-burning power?

Marie France knows how: through its highly successful non-invasive weight-loss procedure and one of the best non-surgical fat removal treatments – Fat Mobilization System – and now its superior version, the FMS Elite. It stimulates the body to generate heat, helping activate more brown fat and promoting the conversion of white fat to brown fat, and thereby inducing fat reduction.

In fact, based on a clinical study done by Marie France’s Obesity Management Specialist, Ariel Torres, M.D., FMS Elite can deliver an average weight-loss of half a pound per session. He also noted the decrease in body fat percentage, visceral fat, and trunk fat among those who have undergone FMS Elite treatments. Kick-starting the burning of up to 2,000 calories in 30 minutes, it is the quick, easy, healthy way to bust fat and proven effective to reduce belly fat.

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