Why Mom of Three Danica loves EDM Alliance for Body Shaping

Moms, does this scenario sound familiar? You’re getting ready to go out, you already know what you want to wear, you check your wardrobe and then… nothing fits! Actress and mom of three Danica Sotto-Pingris knows the struggle.

“It takes time to dress up kasi nga walang magkasya,” she shares. “I’m sure other moms can relate. Siyempre, postpartum, tanggap naman natin na we really have to give our bodies time to recover and to heal. But because of my Marie France treatments and making healthy lifestyle choices, in a few months na-achieve na din na finally, kahit papano nasasara na yung clothes!”

Yes, moms, Marie France is here to give you the body shaping boost that you need. One of Danica’s go-to’s? EDM Alliance!

Danica Sotto

Advanced Body Shaping Benefits

EDM Alliance is an upgrade of the highly successful Endermologie treatment. This deep, intensive treatment stimulates dormant cellular activity to target localized fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.

It works via mechanical stimulation, grabbing and releasing the skin to allow the cells to be oxygenated and the tight bundles of fat to be broken up. This “softens” fat cells to create a slimmer, smoother, less dimpled appearance.

What’s new with this upgrade? Its proven effective lipomassage body sculpting technology now uses a combination of a motorized roller and an independent motorized flap that act as a “mechanical massage.” So it can deliver 25% more tissular grabbing that boosts lymphatic drainage by 300% and blood circulation by 200%.

“After an EDM treatment, you really feel lighter. It also helps with bloating. And most women, yan ang problem talaga.”

Beyond the benefits, Danica loves this next-generation Endermologie lipomassage treatment because: “It’s super relaxing! Imagine mo, you’re just at the spa getting a massage. There’s a bit of suction, so it kind of pulls the skin. But since you’re wearing the EDM suit, it’s not painful. Nag-gaglide, nag-roroll lang siya nang maayos. Even after the treatment, there’s no pain and wala siyang downtime.”

Danicas image 1 1

Happy with Her Progress

In just a few months, Danica is starting to see improvements thanks to her professionally guided program. She has lost inches, she has more energy, she even sleeps better. And all of these have inspired her. “Lalo akong nagkaroon ng confidence to continue to live a healthy lifestyle talaga.”

She especially appreciates the guidance she gets on nutrition, helping her with her unhealthy cravings for sweets. “Bumalik yung craving ko for sweets when I started breastfeeding. Good thing my Marie France Nutritionist gave me a meal plan na I’ll be able to satisfy pa rin my cravings in a healthy way. I don’t feel na I’m starving. You just have to know the right food to eat and the right time to eat the food also.”

Truly, having a slimming partner has made all the difference for Danica. “If you have a slimming partner, they’ll be able to guide you. You have Doctors, Nutritionists who will check on you. Hindi ka hihiga lang, then magic. Kaya nga partner kayo. So dalawa kayo, team work kayo. Holistic journey siya.

That’s the formula for success in Marie France slimming journeys: the expertise of our team of Doctors, Nutritionists, and Slimming Consultants, with the proven effective calorie-burning, fat-melting, body-shaping treatments, plus the commitment of the client to stay consistent with her program and live healthily.

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