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A Busy Bride’s Slimming Journey to “I Do” with Marie France

Every bride has envisioned her dream wedding at least once in her life. And one of the first things she prepares for is her wedding gown, as was the case for multi-hyphenated bride-to-be, Yanah Laurel.

“The top of my to-do list was my wedding gown,” she says. “The first time I fitted my gown, I was really excited because my wedding gown is made by my cousin, Rajo Laurel, and that’s always been on my wishlist.” Aside from having her dream designer make her gown, Yanah made it extra special by incorporating her late mother’s own wedding gown in the design.

However, Yanah was suddenly faced with a dilemma, as the gown would not close during that first fitting. Planning a wedding is already time-consuming and stressful, especially for busy brides like Yanah, who juggles being a host, singer, actor, performer, and a producer of Drag Race Philippines. So it left very little time for her to focus on slimming down.

That’s why she decided to start a weight loss program with Marie France, where she not only is able to work on her body goals with our non-invasive slimming treatments, but where she can also have time for a bridal self-care session. “This is my ‘Me Time,'” she says. “Coming here is really time for me to just be able to meditate and pamper myself. And also prepare for a very special day in my life.”

What Works for Busy Brides

The treatments Yanah finds herself coming back to are Endermologie+ (EDM), a body contouring procedure that targets stubborn rolls of fat on different parts of the body, which Yanah likens to a full body massage; and Vara Pulse, one of her favorite treatments that melts solid, stubborn fat and dimply cellulite in the thighs.

One of the specific areas Yanah wanted to address for her wedding day were her sagging arms, which were not an issue when she was younger. “My arms really became one of my problem areas, especially when I got a bit older,” she says. This prompted her to try the Thermo Magnetic Pulse (TMP), a powerful 4-in-1 treatment that uses radio frequency for fat reduction, to tighten loose skin, and resculpt and firm sagging arms. “My wedding dress has sleeves, but it’s off shoulder, so TMP is the perfect treatment to make me feel good and look pretty in my wedding dress for the big day,”

After doing body shaping treatments at Marie France, alongside being active and having a balanced diet, Yanah was happy to see that her gown fit perfectly at her next gown fitting. “It felt really great because it was a very short amount of time between the fittings, to the point where I thought that my gown was adjusted, but it wasn’t.” she remarked.

The Marie France Promise

Just like how each bride puts in the work to plan their special day, we at Marie France work closely with our clients to lift the stress of losing the extra pounds off of their shoulders. Whether it’s inch loss on stubborn areas, skin tightening, or body contouring, future brides can rest assured that they can meet their individual goals safely and healthily with guidance from our team of doctors, nutritionists, and figure consultants.

At the end of the day, a bride’s ultimate goal is to feel and look their best as they walk down the aisle. If you’re looking for a safe, hassle-free way to lose weight before the wedding, let Marie France be a part of the journey by signing up for a personalized slimming program today!

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