Danica Sotto-Pingris on Her Favorite Marie France Treatments

After 21 weeks of slimming treatments with Marie France, Danica lost 5.5 inches on her tummy, 3.5 inches on her waist, and 3 inches on her hips!

One key element that played a pivotal role in her slimming journey are her treatments in weight loss clinic Marie France: Fat Mobilization System (FMS) Elite, Endermologie+ Alliance, and EvolveX, to name a few. 

The Power of Endermologie+ Alliance 

EDM Danica 3

Danica’s go-to is the Endermologie+ Alliance. This upgraded version of the highly successful Endermologie treatment uses lipomassage technology to non-invasively dislodge bundles of fat, contour and reshape the body, and smooth out cellulite. 

Danica excitedly shares, “I saw a difference first on my waist! Ito na yung fruits ng Endermologie. Sabi ko nga, amazing. You just really have to be patient and consistent.” 

Proven Effective Fat Mobilization System (FMS) Elite

FMS Danica 2

She adds, “Yung FMS, because it’s cold, there are really times na, “Ahh ito na.” But after five minutes, I’m okay. I really feel the difference.” 

The Fat Mobilization System (FMS) Elite is the staple weight loss treatment of Marie France. It burns fat through thermogenesis, a process that induces the body’s natural heat production which then leads to fat-burning. It kickstarts the burning of up to 1,000 calories for the next 24-48 hours. 

Total Body Evolution with EvolveX

EvolvveX Danica 1

Marie France’s EvolveX delivers fat reduction, skin tightening, cellulite smoothening, and muscle toning in one. 

Ito, I like the feeling of this. It’s just like a massage. You feel relaxed. Pero after may bawas na agad sa inches.” This cutting-edge treatment helped transform Danica’s overall body contour, creating a balance between slimming and relaxation. 

Whether it’s targeting fat deposits, mobilizing fat cells, tightening the skin, or achieving a sculpted physique, Marie France’s holistic approach and personalized weight loss solutions have helped countless women like Danica. 

Danica’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-care and the importance of embracing one’s own unique journey. And these treatments show that wellness can be seamlessly integrated into the demanding schedules of mothers, wives, and career-driven individuals. 

Achieve a happier, healthier transformation with Marie France today! DM us to know more about our proven effective weight loss program in the Philippines. Book a FREE consultation today! Let’s Talk! 


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