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Shedding Post-Pregnancy Pounds with Marie France

Stubborn pounds and inches? Weight loss plateau?
Find healthy weight loss solutions for Moms at Marie France!

Moms, tell us if you can relate: You try so hard to find time in your super hectic schedule to be healthier, do some workouts, and even follow a strict diet that makes you feel hungry and deprived. All of these just to find out how to lose postpartum weight and those clingy inches. You start seeing some progress… but then it STOPS. No matter what you try, nothing works. Does this sound like you?

Just when you thought you’ve found the perfect weight loss solution for you, your body refuses to respond to any diet and workout. What happened? You’ve hit a weight loss plateau.

What is a Weight Loss Plateau?

A weight loss plateau is what happens when you stop losing weight despite following a diet and exercise regimen that previously worked for you. According to research, weight loss plateaus tend to happen after about six months of a low calorie diet. Although more studies are needed to find a definitive cause, a popular theory on why weight loss plateaus happen is that your body has started to adapt and is “protecting” itself from further weight loss.

You’re not alone. So many moms, including celebrity makeup artist and mom of three Gela Laurel-Stehmeier, hit this same roadblock on their slimming journeys. 

Gela says, “Back in 2020, I was at my heaviest. It was a combination of post-baby pounds and lockdown weight. So I worked out and completely cut down on sugar for months. I did lose a few pounds, but then the weight loss stopped. To stop losing weight after all that effort was very frustrating.” But beyond the frustration, what was particularly tough for Gela was feeling so heavy that she could no longer keep up with her kids. So it was not just about slimming, it was about improving her health.

Like most moms struggling with a weight loss plateau, Gela thought all she had to do was to diet more and work out more. But the stubborn inches in her problem areas still did not budge. Then a friend of hers asked her, “Why don’t you try Marie France and see where it takes you?”

The Marie France Slimming Science

At Marie France, we’ve proven over the years that there is a science to successful slimming. It’s not about drastic weight loss, faddish quick fixes, or unhealthy, unsustainable methods. For over 37 years, we’ve delivered proven, expert-backed weight loss solutions, the most advanced non-invasive fat loss treatments, and visible, lasting results to countless moms who now enjoy slimmer, healthier figures and renewed confidence. 

We understand that weight loss is not one-size-fits-all. So we have a team of experts—Doctors, Nutritionists, and Figure Consultants—to guide and support you every step of the way. We thoroughly assess you, taking into consideration your lifestyle, habits, preferences, and even medical history to tailor an effective weight loss program that best suits your specific needs and ensures your success.

One thing that plays a key role in achieving your body goal is nutrition. The sad reality is, the “I just need to eat less to lose weight” way of thinking is still so prevalent today. And like Gela, many still believe that completely cutting off sugar, carbs, or calories will do the trick. But nothing could be further from the truth and more damaging to your health.

One of Marie France’s Nutritionists, Grace Chua, says, “One misconception we often hear is that severely restricting yourself of calories or removing an entire food group from your diet will speed up weight loss. This is like starving yourself just to lose weight. This is not true. When you restrict your body of calories, you are restricting its energy source. Not just that, you are also restricting your brain’s energy source.”

“Because of this, your body senses it as a physiological threat. So of course your body will start to shift its metabolic balance to burn less and it will now tap your muscles to be its energy source. Muscle loss is an unhealthy way of losing weight because this will just lead to a slower metabolism. When you eat again, you may gain the weight back and it will be heavier.”

Lose Weight While Enjoying Food

So what’s the better solution? Eat! What surprises so many Marie France clients during their consultations with our Nutritionists is being told they can enjoy food and still lose weight. Yes, it’s possible! How?

Marie France Nutritionist Grace Chua says, “We make sure that you are properly guided in terms of eating healthy and making smarter food choices. We create an eating plan to help you improve how you eat. It’s tailor-fit to your lifestyle, your food preferences, and your health needs. We will teach you how to keep your portion sizes in check and make sure that even if you are eating healthy, you enjoy what you are eating.” Marie France Nutritionists can even map out a special eating plan that boosts slimming for breastfeeding moms.

More than just relying on our effective non-surgical belly fat removal treatments, it’s important to have an understanding of the relationship between the food you eat and your health and specific weight goal. This is where our Nutritionists will step in and help you.

“We do a nutrition assessment to see your current food intake. From there we can pinpoint the areas where we can help you make adjustments. Our suggestions are always based on the latest science but we always take into consideration your own food preferences so you don’t feel deprived.”

Approved by Moms Like Gela

After just a few months… “Now here I am!” Gela proudly says, slimmer, healthier, and sexier thanks to the proven effective weight loss program at Marie France. Beyond the pounds and inches lost, what Gela and so many #MomsWhoMarieFrance truly appreciate is the healthier versions of themselves that they see now.

It’s no wonder that Marie France is the trusted name for moms who want to know how to lose pregnancy weight safely and healthily. It’s all about investing in your future body because that ultimately means investing in a healthier future with your loved ones, too.

We know your struggles, Moms. When you try everything and work so hard, and still don’t see any difference, it’s so easy to feel like a failure. That’s why so many just give up. But with a slimming partner like Marie France by your side, you don’t have to go on this journey alone. For weight loss that works and lasts, choose Mom-approved slimming science at Marie France.

If you’re ready to #ShapeYourFutureBodyToday, sign up for the most effective weight loss program in the Philippines at Marie France!


Quick Tips from a Nutritionist

Struggling with post-pregnancy weight? Here are four quick tips from a Marie France Nutritionist:

  • Make sure your eating plan is balanced. That means it has the adequate nutrients and calories that you need. Don’t starve yourself!
  • Avoid drastically cutting down on your calories and removing entire food groups from your diet because these will only lead to nutritional problems.
  • Consistency is key! To see the lasting results that you want, follow your treatment schedules and the recommendations of your Marie France team of experts.
  • For best results, combine your Marie France treatments with healthy eating habits and fun physical activities that you

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