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Is a Plant-Based Diet Affordable in the Philippines?

Long-term weight loss can only be achieved through sustainable healthy eating. One popular approach to healthy eating is adopting a plant-based diet, but is it affordable in the Philippines?

So, you’ve decided to dive into the world of plant-based eating for a healthier you, but a burning question lingers: is it affordable, especially in a place like the Philippines where meat and seafood often rule the menu?

Before we start fretting over the cost, let’s break it down in a way that won’t make your wallet scream for mercy!

Plant-Based Diet, Simplified

First off, let’s clarify and get our greens straight.

A plant-based diet isn’t just about nibbling on leaves like a rabbit. A plant-based meal is typically rich in fiber which can help you feel full longer. It is often lower in calories and unhealthy fats, making it easier to manage your weight.

So what goes in a plant-based meal? It’s a medley of whole, minimally processed plant foods such as:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Plant-based proteins (ex: tofu, brown rice, oats, nuts, seeds, legumes)
  • Whole grain bread, pasta, and cereals
  • Plant-based “meats” (It’s a substitute for animal-derived meat, mostly made up of vegetables, legumes, and grains!)

This diet is associated with numerous health benefits, packing a punch against chronic diseases and extra pounds while boosting your overall well-being.

Misconceptions About the Cost of Plant-Based Food

One of the main misconceptions about plant-based diets is that they are expensive.

While it’s true that some specialty and fancy schmancy plant-based products and ingredients can be pricey, a plant-based diet can consist of affordable staples that are readily available in the Philippines.

Think fruits and veggies — fresher and friendlier in your wallet. These are often more affordable than meat and seafood, especially when purchased in season or from local markets.

Practical Tips for Affordability

  • Support Local: Hit up your nearby market or palengke for a wide selection of affordable and fresh produce. Plus, buying local helps support your community – it’s a win-win!
  • Buy in Bulk: Purchase staple items like beans, lentils, and grains in bulk to be your budget’s bestie. It’ll help you save money in the long run!
  • Chef It Up At Home: Frequent eating out can be crazy expensive, so, whip out those pots and pans and get cooking with wholesome, plant-based goodness!
  • Plan Meals Like A Pro: Take some time each week to plan your meals and snacks in advance, making use of ingredients you already have on hand to maximize your nutrient intake while you minimize waste. Double win!
  • Explore Budget-Friendly Recipes: Google and cookbooks are your recipe guru! Look for budget-friendly plant-based recipes that use simple and affordable ingredients. Get creative with substitutions and modifications that will tickle your taste buds without tickling your wallet.
  • Grow Your Own Produce: If you’ve got a patch of space or even just a window sill, why not try your hand at growing your own vegetables or herbs? It’s like printing money, but greener!

Need more weight loss guidance?

Now, of course we can’t expect that you’ll wake up tomorrow with a six-pack just because you swapped your normal burger for a plant-based one. Weight loss takes time and patience as we know it, but hey, every little green bite counts!

Remember that small changes add up over time, so don’t be discouraged if it takes time to adjust to this new way of eating.

And if you need a helping hand (or a gentle push) on your weight loss journey, our Slimming Consultants at Marie France are here for you. We believe in a holistic body transformation supported by sustainable habits and nutrition.

Book a free consultation today!

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