It’s Okay To Love Yourself Too

(My Weight Loss Journey)

In just 2 months, I am now almost 20 lbs lighter, 4 inches thinner and two sizes lower!
Let me share with you my story…

For those who’s known me ever since, I am a very fashionable person. I love to dress up, especially since I was in the corporate world. Back then, I made sure to pamper myself at least once a week.

HOWEVER, since 2018, as I began life in full time in ministry, my priorities changed. Even as a global speaker, I am more a missionary and evangelist, I put on comfy clothes and shoes versus dress and stilettos. I didn’t think much about myself or how I looked. I focused more on taking care of everyone around me (including people I just met) EXCEPT myself. I even lost my “me” time.

On top of that, food has always been my love language. I love on people and serve heartily through my cooking and baking. Little did I know, slowly over the years, especially during pandemic, I kept getting bigger and bigger. I kept telling myself I’m okay and that maybe it was just menapausal belly.

Last June 26, as we celebrated our wedding anniversary, I said, “I cannot recognize myself in the mirror. Enough is enough!”

With determination, I asked my husband to accompany me at Marie France Alabang.

There, Aiza, my consultant asked me “How are you?” I was so surprised that someone actually asked me how I was, I didn’t know how to respond.

You see, since as far back as I can remember, I have been taking care of people around me, lalo na those I love (no one is asking if I am okay except my dad). People always ask me to pray for them (but seldom do anyone offer to pray for me.) I have always been looked upon as strong (so no one bothers to ask me if I need help). Many know that I have a close relationship with the Lord Jesus (so many are quick to assume I don’t need support).

Then, before I could even answer, tears kept falling uncontrollably. I realized that I was not okay! I need help. I was exhausted, heavy and bloated. I miss being a size small.

That day, was a major turning point for me. This was the start of my “weight loss and wellness journey.”

I cannot give what I don’t have. I need to be healthy in order to serve Jesus and the people around me.

The past two months, I knew I needed a lifestyle change.

1. I am eating properly. (with vegetables in it)
2. I am getting enough sleep (at least 6 hours now versus 2 before)
3. I no longer drink coffee (before it was 4-6 cups a day)

I have more energy to move around. I fit and look better in my clothes. 🙂

Jesus knew I needed this wake up call. Jesus reminded me that a major part of loving Him as my Lord, is also loving myself because my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.

I still have 30 lbs more to shed to go back to my normal siize, but I am truly grateful.

So to all the women who can relate to my story, you are not alone and it’s okay to love yourself too.

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