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i.Lipo Benefits You should Know

Getting fit can be hard, especially with stubborn areas refusing to slim down no matter what you do. Enter the i.Lipo laser treatment, a revolutionary non-surgical and non-invasive procedure that reduces cellulite and slims down your body with no downtime and minimal side effects. With i.Lipo, get the benefits of traditional liposuction and more without going under the knife!

Learn what i.Lipo is, why it works, and how you can get this groundbreaking procedure done in the top slimming center in the Philippines.

What is i.Lipo and does it work?

In the past, liposuction would have been the most viable option for people looking to eliminate fat and slim down. i.Lipo is the leading non-surgical and non-invasive cosmetic procedure for individuals looking to slim down stubborn fatty areas, like the stomach, thighs, or even arms. Nowadays, technological advancements with laser treatments give individuals more options when it comes to non-invasive procedures.

i.Lipo is a great alternative to traditional liposuction as you get better results with minimal hassle and little to no side effects. i.Lipo can help you achieve your dream body and you do not even have to go under the knife!

If you’re curious about what laser lipo is and how this treatment works even without any invasive procedures, here is how i.Lipo works:

In the simplest of terms, i.Lipo shrinks your fat cells with the help of the latest laser technology. Unlike other laser liposuction procedures, i.Lipo targets the fat cells directly–allowing you to have significant and long-lasting results. It is also a rather versatile treatment, as it can target even the smaller stubborn areas that traditional liposuction and normal laser liposuction can’t target. With i.Lipo, you can safely treat the abdomen or stomach, thighs, saddle bags, upper back area, and arms!

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How does Marie France conduct an i.Lipo procedure?

To help you understand the process, a Slimming Counselor will meet with you and walk you through how i.Lipo works before your first session. During this initial consultation, you will have an expert discuss your goals and take your measurements. This gives you a comparison point as you go further along with your treatment.

Once you are ready to begin, your therapist will put on specialized paddles that have a number of laser beams that target the fat cells in your chosen problem area. These laser beams liquify the fat under the skin safely, which avoids damaging the area around the fat. Once the session is over, you will get to see immediate results. Depending on your overall goal, you can go from 8 sessions or more. People who have tried out i.Lipo even report losing up to three centimeters in just the first session.

Much like other slimming treatments, i.Lipo works best with exercise and a healthy diet. Our experts will help you achieve the best results by giving you guidance on the best steps to take with i.Lipo laser treatment.

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What are i.Lipo benefits?

With all the slimming treatments and procedures available on the market nowadays, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest one. When it comes to your body, however, cheapest may not be the best way to go. i.Lipo remains one of the safest and least painful methods to reduce fat.

If you’re wondering why you should go for this procedure, here are some of the most notable i.Lipo benefits:

It’s fast. One of the greatest i.Lipo benefits is that it’s a fast procedure that you can have done in just one afternoon. Unlike other procedures which require you to stay over for a long time, the i.Lipo is great for individuals who are looking for a quick, safe, and effective slimming treatment. One session of i.Lipo takes around 45 minutes to an hour–just enough to fit into your lunch break. Slimming down isn’t a hassle with a fast and convenient procedure like the i.Lipo.

It’s painless. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to any treatment is if it will hurt. For slimming treatments, this is an even bigger question as traditional methods like liposuction involve surgery, which can be quite nerve wracking for some individuals. You can eliminate this concern when you undergo i.Lipo as one of its benefits is that it is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure–which means you can say goodbye to uncomfortable and painful treatments.

It has little to no side effects. This procedure remains as one of the safest slimming procedures today and it even carries over to the aftermath. i.Lipo has little to no side effects for people who underwent the treatment. Say goodbye to bruising, swelling, redness, and other common issues that traditional slimming treatments give you.

It’s affordable. One of i.Lipo’s benefits is that it is cost-effective and cheap. Compared to the other available slimming treatments, the i.Lipo is one of the cheaper options that give the same results. It is a good option for individuals that are looking for a slimming treatment that won’t break the bank but still delivers results.

There is no downtime. One of the greatest i.Lipo benefits is that you can see visible results as soon as the session ends. In just one session, patients have reported losing up to three cm on their waist and they didn’t have to go through pain, bloating, redness, swelling, or other conditions. With i.Lipo, you can go in for a session and come out looking fabulous and one step closer to your dream summer body!

Do i.Lipo and laser liposuction have side effects?

i.Lipo does not have any reported side effects, unlike traditional liposuction and other laser treatments. With i.Lipo, you get the best results without having to worry about swelling, numbness, redness, and unevenness in your chosen area.

Get your dream body safely and without worry with i.Lipo!

Slim down instantly without the hassle or surgery with i.Lipo!

Achieve fast inch-loss with i.Lipo. Say goodbye to fat in those stubborn areas without having to go through surgery. Get instant results, with no side effects or down time.

At Marie France, we have a team of expert consultants and therapists that will help you out in your slimming and weight loss journey. Check out the world-renowned procedure in the hands of experts and see visible results almost instantly.

Ready to experience iLipo? Book an appointment with us now.

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