Mariel Padilla’s Body Shaping Favorite: EDM Alliance

Lumiit na ako! Nakakatuwa because pag tinitingnan ko sarili ko, sabi ko, ‘Oh my gosh, alam mo, wala akong puson!’” That’s Mariel Padilla excitedly sharing the visible difference she has started to see just a few weeks into her health and wellness journey at Marie France. When it comes to body shaping, she swears by the new EDM Alliance.

EDM Alliance is the latest innovation of the world-renowned and highly successful Endermologie treatment for total body shaping. “I really feel that it’s so much more powerful,” Mariel says. “I feel na within two weeks, yung bloatedness nawala, and effect pala yun ng EDM Alliance na meron siyang lymphatic drainage. So yung pagiging bloated, na-drain away. So, that I felt right away.”

That’s because EDM Alliance has upgraded its proven effective lipomassage body sculpting technology by using a combination of a motorized roller and an independent motorized flap that act as a “mechanical massage.” This powers it to deliver 25% more tissular grabbing that boosts lymphatic drainage by 300% and blood circulation by 200%.

ergodrive 80 and alliance 80

It dislodges tight bundles of fat, too, and boosts the body’s natural lipolysis (fat breakdown). “Because I’ve been doing EDM Alliance, the fat on my back is softer, you know? Because of course we have to soften the stubborn fats before sila ma-burn. And that’s what we’ve been doing for the past few weeks. I had a massage and the girl who was massaging me said, ‘Ma’am, bakit po ang lambot niyo?’ So sobra naman akong natuwa because I know that it will be easier for me to lose those fats already because malambot na sila.

EDM + Alliance treatment on Mariel Padilla's back

The EDM+Alliance Skin Smoothening Effect

Our fat cells are usually compressed against each other in the body between the blood and lymph vessels.  EDM+Alliance stimulates the micro-circulation of these fat cells by causing a negative pressure on the fat cells, which allows the release of fatty acids (toxins) and initiating lipolysis (shrinking of the fat cells). 

The mechanical stimulation of EDM+Alliance works by grabbing and releasing the skin, allowing the cells to be oxygenated and the tight bundles of fat to be broken up.  The fat cells are then softened to create a slimmer, smoother, less dimpled appearance. 

The multi-effect EDM+Alliance helps accelerate fat loss, tighten saggy skin and reduce cellulite.  So you can target body parts or slim down areas where you need it most while firming the skin to restore firmness and tonicity.  This enables you to slim down while keeping your skin toned, taut and youthful.  No problem with loose, saggy skin!

Another reason Mariel loves this next-generation Endermologie lipomassage treatment? It keeps her skin firm and as she slims down—something often neglected by other methods and programs. “Ang dami ko nang nakita na ay, payat sila, pero nag-wrinkle up yung mga balat nila. The beauty of EDM Alliance is that it has skin tightening also. So yung skin mo hindi nagse-separate from the fat na na-lose mo na.”

This upgraded Endermologie’s cellulite reduction benefits will also ensure that Mariel’s skin stays smooth and free from orange-peel dimples.

EDM Alliance machine

The Marie France Slimming Science

Of course, it’s not just about the clinically proven treatments. At Marie France, it’s all about a holistic approach to slimming. With the close guidance and coaching of her Team Marie France, doctors, nutritionists, and figure consultants, Mariel feels confident that she is better equipped to make smarter, healthier choices even on a trip to South Korea, where she knows she will be surrounded by her favorites like tteokbokki and japchae.

She says, “Mas alam ko na the better times to eat those things. Sa night time, I’ll have grilled food and eat a lot of gulay with it. No carbs sa gabi, no problem. I know I’ll still be able to enjoy my trip. You can still enjoy the food you want; hindi ka totally deprived.”

“It’s not like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t have fun anymore,’” she adds. “No, we can’t live like that. And Marie France doesn’t stand for that na ‘starve yourself,’ ‘don’t have fun.’ Marie France is not like that.”

Overall, Mariel is very happy with the results she’s seeing so far and feeling more and more motivated to keep going. “You know, as early as the second week, na-feel ko na yung difference. So it keeps you motivated and inspires you to go more.”

Follow Mariel’s progress as she continues her Marie France journey! Or start your own by saying YES to Marie France today. Leave us a message to find out more.


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