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Marie France, the Slimming Partner Every Mom Needs

How to lose postpartum weight after multiple pregnancies? Trust Marie France!

You’ve spent nine months with a growing belly and now you’re ready to be the best Momma you can be while trying to get back to being the same old YOU. But it’s not that easy. Your body has changed and you still have stubborn, clingy post-pregnancy pounds and inches. When women go through each trimester of pregnancy, the body naturally doubles in size to help support the baby. And with more pregnancies, it just gets tougher and tougher to slim down after giving birth!

This was the same struggle for mom of six and digital content creator Joy Sotto. After multiple pregnancies, she started noticing how her body wasn’t responding to exercise or diets anymore. She says, “I noticed that there was already stubborn fat growing in my tummy area na no matter what I do, no matter what diet, it was still there.”

Being busy taking care of her kids, managing her household, and creating content, Joy had little to no time to work out and get back in shape. She knew she needed a slimming partner to help her on her postnatal weight loss journey. Marie France to the rescue!

Effective Weight Loss Solutions for Moms

Marie France’s Dr. Nestor Garcia says these changes during pregnancy are normal so the body can accommodate the growing baby. “When women get pregnant and give birth, they store fat to make more milk for the baby.” This leads to hard-to-eliminate problem areas. The main area of concern for many moms? Dr. Garcia says, “The tummy has the biggest concentration of subcutaneous fat. So this is the first area where we do treatments because that’s the area most women struggle with.”

With the help of Marie France’s team of Doctors, Nutritionists, Figure Consultants, and therapists, Joy was able to address the subcutaneous fat in her tummy with post pregnancy belly fat reduction treatments, powered by the latest innovation in fat loss technology and supervised by medical experts who monitor her weight loss progress.

Dr. Garcia explains how this personalized postpartum slimming service, along with the strong support from its team of slimming experts, is what makes Marie France different from other clinics. “We have a pool of Doctors, all practicing specialists and clinicians, who stay updated on the latest innovations in the field. We are here to ensure that the treatments given are best suited to each particular concern, and we work with the team to monitor each client’s progress, making sure that they achieve their desired weight.”

Through consistency and discipline, Joy is able to reap the benefits of non-surgical body contouring treatments. These treatments melt her fat, reshape her body, and tighten saggy skin even after multiple pregnancies. As moms like Joy strive to not only raise her family, manage an online presence and a household, Marie France is there to ensure that there are multiple pregnancy belly reduction programs available for busy moms like you to maintain your health and wellness.

Guidance and Support for Breastfeeding Moms

Aside from stubborn problem areas, another struggle that she encountered with slimming down after pregnancy was getting the proper food portions while breastfeeding. Joy believes that slimming for a breastfeeding mom should be safe and effective for her and her baby’s well-being minus the food deprivation. “I would still eat because when you’re breastfeeding, you know, you crave for things and I didn’t wanna deprive myself and my baby,” she says.

This is where Marie France’s Nutritionists come in. Our Nutritionists serve as guides in making healthier, smarter food and lifestyle choices. They also create a balanced eating plan that is tailor-fit to a mom’s health needs as she breastfeeds. So moms like you and Joy can eat healthily and continue enjoying food without having to worry about gaining weight.

Since partnering with Marie France on her slimming journey, Joy has been healthier, sexier, and more confident. She attributes this to the visible, measurable results from her treatments. “When you see yourself look good in the mirror, you feel good. It gave me more confidence also as a mom.”

Why is Marie France still the preferred slimming partner for moms? Because for over 37 years, we continue to dedicate ourselves towards helping moms like you and Joy achieve your body goals and needs through our scientifically proven treatments, medically-supervised programs, and the extensive experience of our team of slimming experts. “We make sure that our clients will get the appropriate treatment to achieve a healthy BMI and their desired figure. Because at the end of the day, we want them to be healthy, sexy, and happy,” Dr. Garcia reiterates.

Ready to shape your future body with Marie France? Contact us to book a consultation with our team of slimming experts today.

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