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Danica Sotto-Pingris on being Healthy Inside and Out

One look at Danica Sotto-Pingris and you see a perfect mix of her parents Vic Sotto and Dina Bonnevie. A true people person, Danica disarms people not just with her effortless beauty but also with her realness and being down-to-earth, despite being a daughter of showbiz royalty. Having inherited youthful genes, some may be surprised that she’s a mom of three—and in fact just gave birth a few months ago!

“When people see me, they say, ‘Parang hindi ka naman tumaba,’” Danica shares. “Kasi yung face ko, madaya. Hindi masyadong lumalaki. But I know may problem areas na. The back, the arms, and then of course the tummy area mainly because this is my third Caesarean section already.”

She shares that she prayed for years for a third baby. So when she got pregnant again at 40, dealing with how to lose the pregnancy weight was the furthest thing from her mind. “I waited for so long to have this baby so sabi ko, kung tumaba man ako, okay lang.

So what made her decide to sign up with Marie France? “As proud as I am of my postpartum body, I also don’t want to feel guilty about wanting to have a better body.” For her, that means a body that is healthy inside and out, that she is confident in, that is strong and can keep up with her kids.

“You’re well-nourished inside, and then outside, when you wear clothes, you feel confident. Gusto ko ganun. Happy ako with what I see outside and happy din ako with how I feel from the inside. We can be better moms and better wives if we feel happy, at peace, and confident, di ba?

The Best Slimming Partner for Her

That’s why when she found out that Marie France’s weight loss solutions are holistic, she knew she found the best slimming partner for her. It all started one fateful day when she saw her cousin-in-law Joy Sotto.

“We were in a meeting and I was like, ‘Mama Joy, you look so good! You lost weight but you don’t look haggard. You look healthy. Anong meron?Sabi niya, ‘Nic, it’s Marie France! It really works.’ Coming from her, that means a lot because she will not recommend something that she doesn’t believe in. So when she said that, sabi ko, ‘Sige nga, Mama Joy, I’ll do that.’”

It was perfect timing because like so many moms, Danica found that with age and with more pregnancies, getting back in shape was more challenging. “Before, I would work out, talagang babad sa gym. When I was younger, that worked. But as I got older, bumabagal na yung metabolism. And I really felt na mabilis na mag-swell yung body ko.”

“What I like about Marie France is, it’s sustainable. You’re losing weight the healthy way, not through crash or fad diets. Gusto ko din that it’s non-invasive. And they’re not just working on the outside, they are also encouraging you and teaching you how to be healthy from the inside with proper nutrition. And of course they recommend the right treatments that will target the problem areas na hindi na natin makuha with working out.”

Danica Sotto

Inches Lost in Just a Few Months

She is surrounded by a team of slimming experts, like Doctors, Nutritionists, Slimming Consultants, guiding and supporting her every step of the way. With a professionally guided program, it is no surprise that in just a few months since she began her journey, she has already started to lose stubborn inches. She enthuses, “Because of my Marie France treatments and me eating healthy food and exercising, yes, finally meron akong clothes na kumakasya na!

She’s not only seeing the difference in inches. Her energy has also improved and she can sleep better. But she knows she’s just getting started. “Of course, this is not my ideal weight yet. I have a long way to go. But sabi nga ni Mariel Padilla sa Marie France video niya di ba, let’s celebrate our small wins!”

She adds, “I consider Marie France as my accountability partner. I won’t lie, may days na, Aww feeling ko nag gain ako. Or feeling ko medyo napakain ako or I had a stressful week. Sasabihin nila sa’yo, ‘Sige ma’am, okay lang yan. Bawi tayo.Malaking impact talaga na you’re surrounded by people who really support you.”

Inspiring Others to Take that First Step

Losing weight for busy moms has always been a challenge. That’s why Danica isn’t doing this just for her. Just as she was inspired by a fellow mom to start this journey, she also wants to pay it forward and inspire other women to take that first step towards a healthy, positive change… no matter the age!

“I want to prove that age is just a number. I turned 41 this year and I want to prove that if you want to be a better version of yourself, if you set your mind to it, it’s achievable. Of course, with the help of Marie France too.”

For the best weight loss programs in the Philippines, it can only be Marie France. Message us today to get started!

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