Effective Ways to Maintain Your Weight Loss

Congratulations, you’ve learned how to get rid of fat! Now for the harder part: learning how to lose fat and keep it away for good. It’s one thing to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly to burn fat but it’s another to keep the weight off long term.
After all, studies show that roughly 90% of people who lose weight eventually regain all of it. This is because the body undergoes various hormonal and metabolic changes after weight loss. These physiological changes can stimulate hunger, increase one’s appetite, and slow metabolism – all of which can hinder weight loss efforts.
Why blow it all off after you’ve worked so hard, right? While it’s great that you’ve lost the weight, it’s not the finish line yet. In fact, there’s no finish line, just a lifetime of good health and maintaining a body you can be proud of.
To help you on your lifelong journey, here are some effective tips on how to lose weight and maintain it.

How to Lose Fat and Keep It Off

Exercise regularly
Learning how to keep belly fat off involves a simple concept: the more calories you burn, the less likely they are to be stored as fat. Exercise is an integral part of weight loss and maintenance, so don’t get complacent once you’ve lost the weight.
Make it a habit to exercise at least 30 minutes every day, whether it’s hitting the gym or going for a run. You can even squeeze in some exercise time while traveling by going on hiking trails or long walks around the city you’re visiting. This will help you avoid gaining weight while traveling. Plus, the endorphin rush from exercise will help combat cravings and keep you motivated to stay on track.
Set goals and stick to them
You already knew how to set goals when you were learning how to get rid of fat, but your fighting spirit can easily take the back seat after you lose weight. Suddenly, you’re thrust into temptation without restriction.
To fight back, set goals on an ongoing basis. Even if you’re no longer in hardcore weight loss mode, working toward personal achievements will keep you on track. Something as simple as skipping dessert or signing up for a marathon will encourage you to train consistently.
Keep a food journal
Once you commit to writing down everything you eat, it’ll be simple to keep track of your daily intake. You’ll be aware of how much, what, and why you are eating.
For instance, it’s easy to pop a piece of chocolate (or three) into your mouth and forget about it. But if you record everything, you’ll see why you might be putting the weight back on instead of learning how to keep fat away. With a food journal, you’ll easily identify trends that contribute to your weight gain and make adjustments to your diet, lifestyle, and exercise as needed.
Meditate and manage stress
Did you know that chronic stress can lead to weight gain? It’s true – the hormones released from being in a constant state of stress increase cravings for unhealthy foods.
To combat this, incorporate daily meditation or other relaxation techniques into your routine. Reduce overall stress by taking breaks throughout the day and doing things you enjoy regularly, such as reading, listening to music, or spending time with loved ones.
Stay hydrated
Water is essential for life – and weight maintenance. Drinking water helps fill you up, reducing the chances of overeating. It also aids in digestion and can boost metabolism.
Make it a habit to drink at least eight glasses of water each day, or more if you’re exercising heavily. If you struggle with plain water, infuse it with fruits, herbs, or vegetables for a refreshing and flavorful twist.
Have protein and fiber in every meal
Protein and fiber both take longer to digest, so they’ll keep you fuller longer. They also stabilize blood sugar levels, which is a great way to facilitate long-term healthy fat loss.
Some examples of balanced meals include whole wheat bread and fruits for breakfast, green salad with chicken breast strips for lunch, and fish with roasted vegetables for dinner.
Practice mindful eating
Mindful eating is the practice of being fully present and aware during meals. It involves paying attention to one’s hunger cues, chewing slowly and thoroughly, and savoring each bite.
By practicing mindful eating, you’ll be more in tune with your body’s signals and less likely to overeat or give in to cravings mindlessly.
Get more sleep
Weight loss isn’t the only thing that will throw off your hormones and metabolism. So can poor sleep. Studies show that sleep-deprived people often feel hungrier, eat more, and make poorer food choices.
Aim to have seven to nine hours of shut-eye every night and try to sleep before 10 p.m. so that you can sneak in your morning workout routine.
Build a support system
It’s easy to get discouraged or give in to temptation when you’re going at it alone. That’s why having a support system is crucial for weight loss maintenance. Whether it be friends, family, or a community of like-minded individuals online, having people who understand and support your journey can make all the difference.
Consider fat reduction procedures
Despite exercise, a healthy diet, and better lifestyle habits, you may still have stubborn areas that refuse to budge. This type of problem fat usually occurs around the abdomen, arms, thighs, and back. Often, they’re just not responsive to traditional methods of weight loss and you’ll find it hard to keep the fat away for good.
At Marie France, we have a wide range of procedures, including non-surgical belly fat removal, that help you contour your natural body shape by reducing excess fat. As the leading weight loss clinic in the Philippines, all our fat reduction treatments are backed by advanced technologies, the best doctors, and excellent customer service. With our personalized slimming plans, you can achieve real and long-lasting weight loss results.
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